Production RV, production motorhome - Chicago, Midwest, Nationwide - by 222 Films, Inc.

Production RV, by 222 Films.

The motivation behind our Production RV was simple. Our Chicago based parent company, 222 films, needed to have on-location support and needed to make the job as comfortable as possible for our crew & clients. We also wanted to provide a modular production resource on wheels that could be retrofitted for whatever is needed. A production motorhome was the answer.

In addition to covering our internal requirements, our brand-new production RV is also available to other companies interested in hiring a mobile production center. Whether it's a production office, camera room, video assist, editing, hair, makeup, wardrobe, talent holding, and much more, our production motorhome can help production companies with their needs.

With the addition of the production RV, we create endless possibilities for both our own projects as well as other companies' in Chicago, the Midwest, and nationwide. For more information about our production RV and to check on availability, feel free to contact us.